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I was at CID Kenema when the diaries were recovered from the - from the trash after the Kamajor intervention. I was - shortly after I was - a year later I was transferred from Kenema. I left all diaries and all documents at the station and I was posted to Lungi police station. CID Lungi police station. I was there for three years. It was after I was promoted to assistant superintendent of police and sent to Pujehun as operations officer that I was contacted by this Court and then I saw the diary. I think they got the diary from the Kenema personnel. The Special Court of Sierra Leone went to Kenema in my absence and got that diary. It was a diary - the entries in the diary connected me and so I was contacted by the Special Court for statement. Statement was obtained from me by - through the diary by Mr Lahun, Mr TM Lahun, the investigator of the Special Court.

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