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What I meant by that - I think I summarised it yesterday by saying that Liberia's probably the African country that comes closest, not in legal terms, but closest in reality to being an American colony on the African continent and that the overall oversight of dealings, and I think I referred to the kind of maligned neglect by Washington yesterday when we were a little bit arguing about how much attention was paid by Washington to Monrovia, to Liberia and how much clout someone like Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf would actually have within the beltway of Washington - so I was referring to that reality of maligned neglect and the fact that there was a lack of oversight.

As I just pointed out, there were late hour attempts made to correct this, but to little avail and the executive accountants that were actually sent and imposed on Doe did not change the overall reality that you stated as being huge amounts of American aid money being syphoned off by the Doe regime.

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