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That is not entirely correct. As you are probably aware of the Americans were so embarrassed by the money that disappeared that they sent in something that was unprecedented in their relations with any foreign country - they sent in executive controllers who actually had to countersign each cheque that was sent out by the government in Monrovia. So they really interfered very heavily to make sure that the money would not just disappear. And it was not only Doe. Obviously he was at the helm of the state and probably syphoning off most of the money, but Doe, his encourage - as you are aware there were allegations about Mr Taylor, at the time being an official in Liberia himself, having embezzled 900,000 US dollars in his official function. So whatever the reality of the allegations, if they were one way or the other, just to be precise it is not just the Americans giving money to Mr Doe without any institutional control.

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