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So let me start again. Defence lawyer yesterday asked you questions about the time after the AFRC coup when you left Freetown and you came to Kenema. And the reference for my learned friend is page 16648, line 25. What you said on that line is that it took you about a week in Freetown before you left for Kenema. And then the Defence lawyer read you a portion of the AFRC trial and again the transcript of yesterday is page 16648, line 28, to 16649, line 3, and I would like, Mr Witness, to read you another portion of the RUF trial on the same page and the CMS number is 15118 and I am going to read you the question. It was on 7 July 2005 in the RUF trial and the question was page 55, CMS number 15118, and the question was:

"Q. What did you do after that?

A. I later visited some of my family members and I advised

them to stay indoors, then return to where I lodged.

Q. What did you do after that?

A. I was trapped down in Freetown for about a week. After

that I returned to Kenema, that is my station."

Is that what you said in the RUF trial, Mr Witness?

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