The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Madam President, your Honours, the next several witnesses that the Prosecution will call are being brought in accordance with this Court's order of 15 July 2008, the decision on the Prosecution notice under Rule 92 bis for the admission of evidence related to inter alia Kenema District. The next witness is witness TF1-122 who is covered by the disposition that your Honours gave in this order - this decision - wherein you ordered that the prior trial transcripts and related exhibits would be admitted into evidence pursuant to Rule 92 bis provided that the Prosecution shall make the said witnesses available for cross-examination by the Defence. TF1-122 is here to be made available for cross-examination.

Now, Madam President, your Honours, we have not done this before. What we propose is the following. Your Honours have said that the testimony and exhibits will be admitted if they are here for cross-examination. We propose that what we do now is offer into evidence the testimony and exhibits of TF1-122.

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