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Well, let me make it clearer. The whole area where we were, the first house where we were and the new Four Houses compound where we later went are all in Paynesville. It is not a far distance between each other. There were just few houses between where we were at first and where Charles Taylor bought for Sam Bockarie. There are just few houses in between. They are the same area. It is on the same 12 Houses Road. Where we were at first, Jabaty used to go there. When Jabaty would come from Gbarnga to Monrovia there was nowhere for him to stay because at that time his wife and children were in Gbarnga. It was at that first house that he used to come. They all used to have food there together. It was at that house that he used to go. But for Ray or Freedom, I don't know. Rashid - I never saw them there and I don't recall that they ever go alongside that group that Sam Bockarie went with to Monrovia.

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