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Madam Witness, here is what another witness had to say about Sam Bockarie's residences in Monrovia. Line 8:

"Q. You told us previously that Sam Bockarie was staying

at the guesthouse, do you recall that? Correct me if I'm

wrong, Mr Witness, did you say Sam Bockarie was staying at

a guesthouse in Monrovia?

A. I said there was a guesthouse that was meant for the

lodging of the RUF personnel in Monrovia.

Q. Where was Sam Bockarie staying at this time when you

went to his house?

A. There was a compound which Dr Magona told me that was

built or constructed by Sam Bockarie himself.

Q. Where was it?

A. When was it?

Q. No, where. There is Congo Town. There is Sinkor.

Where in Monrovia was it located?

A. I will describe the area. I will describe the area.

From Congo Town, moving down to Red Light on your left

there the compound was located. I saw the compound. There

were four houses. One, two, three, four, and a barri like

I said last was placed at the centre and it was under

that barri that we met Sam Bockarie."

Madam Witness, another witness told this Court that Dr Magona told him that the house or these houses in which Sam Bockarie stayed at near the Red Light area of Monrovia were built by Sam Bockarie himself. What do you have to say to that, Madam Witness?

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