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Madam Witness, this is an article from the BBC. It's dated 1 October 1999 and pictured there appear to be Foday Sankoh and Johnny Paul Koroma, but that might be open to - Foday Sankoh and I believe Tejan Kabbah, but that might be open to dispute. There is no indication underneath the photograph, but it says, "The peace accord was signed in Lomé in July". The BBC is reporting that around this time, if you go down on that page above the subheading "Jovial mood", it says:

"Neither Mr Sankoh nor Major Koroma, erstwhile allies, have returned to Sierra Leone since a peace pact was signed with the government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah on 7 July, putting an end to a bloody eight year civil war."

Then the next paragraph:

"The two men held more than three hours of reconciliation talks in Monrovia mediated by Liberian President Charles Taylor on Thursday. Afterwards the two rebel leaders appeared in a jovial mood as they spoke to reporters. I am satisfied everything is fine now, Major Koroma said."

Madam Witness, a few weeks before this time you say Charles Taylor was sending arms, or you imply that Jungle was getting arms from Charles Taylor to send into Sierra Leone, Charles Taylor was mediating peace between the warring factions in Sierra Leone. Are you aware of that, Madam Witness?

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