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In paragraph 58, Madam Witness, President Kabbah said to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission the following:

"The NPRC inherited from the APC regime the problem of ULIMO, but it too never settled it or attempted to settle it. All it did was to insist on the dropping of the J and K from the names of the two factions and to collectively rename them Special Task Force. The Special Task Force was then almost incorporated into the Sierra Leone Army and they received salaries, allowances and their supplies were regularly replenished. The two leaders of ULIMO-K and ULIMO-J factions, Alhaji Kromah and General Johnson, respectively, later became members of the interim government of Liberia headed by Charles Taylor."

And I'll just briefly read from paragraph 59, even though I had said I would omit it. "59. The Special Task Force" - I'm sorry, your Honours, I missed the last sentence of 58. 58 states in the last sentence, "Brigadier David Livingstone Bropleh eventually became the new head of the Special Task Force." Then the first two sentences of 59 read:

"The Special Task Force had its own command line separate from that of the Sierra Leone Army. Their personnel were attached to the army units throughout the country."

And then paragraph 62:

"General Bropleh and his STF followers fled together with other AFRC junta personnel when the ECOMOG led force removed the junta from Freetown in February 1998. Together they played an active role in all the attacks that displaced ECOMOG and government troops in such places as Koidu, Makeni, Kamakwie and Lunsar. They supported the 6 January 1999 attack of Freetown. On the recall of all military personnel in 2000 after the granting of the amnesty in the Lomé Peace Agreement, 1999, the STF resurfaced with General Bropleh still at the helm of the force."

Madam Witness, the former President of Sierra Leone spoke about a group called STF commanded by General David Livingstone Bropleh as participating in the attacks in Freetown in 6 January. Are you aware of the fact that the STF played a role in the 6 January attacks?

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