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Madam Witness, in paragraph 6 you made corrections to information previously provided about Senegalese to the Prosecution. This was in June of this year. Referring to the previous document I just read, which ends in ERN 4975, you told the Prosecution this in June:

"Witness states that she does not know whether Senegalese was a ULIMO fighter or an NPFL fighters, however the witness knows that he was a Liberian fighter and had come to Sierra Leone to fight alongside the RUF. The witness states that she first met Senegalese in Kenema when Sam Bockarie was based there. At the time, Senegalese came to Kenema with Jungle, Sampson and Junior. The witness does not know why Senegalese and others had come to Kenema. The witness states that Senegalese moved to Buedu with Sam Bockarie at the time the Kamajors pushed the AFRC/RUF out of Kenema Town."

Madam Witness, this is what you told the Prosecution in June of this year, do you agree?

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