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That's fair enough. Madam Court Officer, shall we go to tab 4, page 5, please. Madam Witness, at the bottom of tab 4, page 5, these are notes taken from a later interview with you in March of this year and you made corrections to what appeared in the previous paragraph and this is paragraph 25 of this document. It refers to the ERN number of the previous page I've just read and although it says paragraph 34 that should be paragraph 54, but the ERN numbers are the same and the ERN number of the page I previously read ended in 4975 and the ERN number that this page refers to also ends in 4975. It says you made corrections to the information I just read and it says:

"Witness clarifies that the meeting that Superman came to was the one held at Waterworks outside and not in Sam Bockarie's house. This was after Issa Sesay lost the diamonds in Monrovia and before the Fitti-Fatta mission. The witness did not attend this meeting."

Madam Witness, this is the correction you're speaking of that you did not attend that meeting, yes?

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