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It was Sam Bockarie who convened this meeting. He said it was for all vanguards, the meeting was meant for all vanguards, because after Issa had lost that diamond there was no cooperation and the punishment that was meted out to him to go and clear Kono was not successful. He did not succeed in capturing Kono, so the soldiers were disgruntled. There were some problems then between Superman and Issa Sesay and Superman and Sam Bockarie, so there was no understanding.

Even among the vanguards there were misunderstandings, and after the raiding of JPK, that is Johnny Paul Koroma, they called for SAJ and the other people and they did not go there and after JPK had been raided the problem spread, there was no unity, there was no understanding within the command structure, so there were a lot of problems. That was why the meeting was called for the vanguards, so they will put the boys under control, because everybody was doing his own thing. That was why they called this meeting particularly in Buedu.

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