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Sorry, Madam President. I am looking at page 76. Counsel's initial question starts at line 4 and the response continues up until line 12. The question was:

"Q. I was asking about commanders coming and you said when

they had diamonds. That is the point. I am not talking

about Jungle travelling from Buedu.

A. I meant a commander would not just come to Buedu like

that. There was a mining commander in Kono. There was a

mining commander in Kono, so when they would have presented

the diamond to him there, there were two people that I

understood or that I can still recall used to bring

diamonds to Buedu to Sam Bockarie. Kennedy was one and the

other was KGB."

My objection is that the witness is saying Kennedy and KGB are couriers and she didn't refer to them as commanders.

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