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I meant a commander would not just come to Buedu like that. There was a mining commander in Kono. There was a mining commander in Kono, so when they would have presented the diamonds to him there were two people that I understood or that I can still recall used to bring diamonds to Buedu to Sam Bockarie. Kennedy was one and other one was KGB. Those are the two people I can recall their names who used to bring diamonds in Buedu to Sam Bockarie.

So whenever they came I would know that they had brought diamonds, or whenever they got diamonds they will be in Kono and tell Sam Bockarie that they had had some things, and that was diamonds, so Sam Bockarie in turn would instruct the mining commander to send the diamonds by - through KGB or Kennedy to bring the diamonds to Kono - sorry, to Buedu.

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