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Well, the time about the trucks, that was late 1999. At that time there was a problem between Foday Sankoh and Sam Bockarie, between Issa Sesay and Superman. It was during that time. There was no understanding between Sam Bockarie, Superman, Sam Bockarie and Foday Sankoh. So it was in that same December that they loaded up to five trucks. They had food. There was rice, onions, used clothing, sneakers, bails of sneakers, arms and ammunition in five trucks from Monrovia to Buedu. So during that time two trucks entered Buedu and that coincided with the time when Charles Taylor had told Mosquito to go to Monrovia and at that time Mosquito had sent his wife and children together with his mother, three days before we left Buedu for Monrovia. So all of them had gone.

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