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Yes, after Johnny Paul had arrived in Buedu Sam Bockarie lodged him in his own bedroom. They quit the bedroom - they quitted the bedroom and they lodged Johnny Paul in there, he and his wife, and they were there for over two weeks up to - in fact up to three weeks. And they were there for some times when Issa Sesay arrived from Kono to Buedu. So one particular morning we were sitting and we heard gunshots into the air and that took place over 30 minutes so all of us ran into the bush. So Issa Sesay after some times when we returned to town a few hours we did not meet Johnny Paul and his wife in the place and there were a series of bullet holes into the house at that particular time.

So for all day we did not see them, but late in the evening he brought Makuta in a vehicle, but we did not see Johnny Paul at that particular moment. It was later that we saw Johnny Paul. And they said they had taken him to Kangama and Johnny Paul was now in Kangama and the following day they took Makuta to him, that is his wife. So it was during the shootout that they collected everything from Johnny Paul, all the things that he had brought from Freetown, and it was during that process that they collected all the diamonds him, the foreign currencies and so many other things from Johnny Paul.

So it was as a result of that, that particular night, that Issa Sesay and Sam Bockarie entered Sam Bockarie's bedroom and he was showing the things, the diamonds, to Sam Bockarie. And he said if they had not raided Johnny Paul he wouldn't have handed over all the diamonds to them. He had wanted to escape with them to Monrovia.

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