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From the beginning when I joined the RUF those of us who were trained, we were all brothers and even the women who were with us, we were all brothers and sisters and we had those who were ahead of us who controlled us and at that time they showed us Rashid Mansaray, Mohamed Tarawalli. The two of them came from Libya. And Pa Foday Sankoh, he told us that Charles Taylor was his brother and they were two who came from Libya, together with those other men and they came. Those were our fathers.

But those of us who were trained together, we were brothers and sisters in the RUF and the NPFL. Those of us who had weapons who were fighting, so we were like a family. So that was the understanding we had. So anybody who left Liberia at a point in time and came to Sierra Leone, he or she was our brother or sister and anybody who left Sierra Leone to go to Liberia at that point in time, he or she would be considered a brother and sister over there. So that was what used to happen.

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