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I believe you've answered my question. Sir, staying on the topic of Superman, you were shown today tab 7 and you were read some information that you stated previously where you said at one time Superman's group operated more or less independently, at the bottom of page 9. I'd like to read a little more from your answer that was not read to you today. So on page 49 - I'll let the Court Officer bring that to you. Excuse me, I should say on page 10. On page 10 of tab 7, lines 18 to 22. You were asked: "That group at least from August to September '98 was not under the control of your group. That would seem to follow from what you've said. Is that correct?" And you answered that question by saying: "That happened for a long time but later there was peace between us." What did you mean when you said "later there was peace between us"?

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