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Thank you. Now, Mr Witness, I'd like to turn to something that was discussed I believe yesterday - excuse me, Friday, on page 14967, and let me get that out so I don't misstate anything. You said this beginning on line 12 - excuse me, first you were asked about whether you knew anything about the purchase of materials from ULIMO which were used to attack and capture Kono. Counsel had read from a document to you and you answered:

"This attack that you were talking about, this attack on Kono when Superman was given ammunition to capture Kono, that was not the time that Issa Sesay came with that ammunition. Superman attacked Kono, but was not able to capture there. It was at that time that he left and went to Kabala."

Mr Witness, do you know if there was a name for this operation that you spoke about where Superman attacked Kono unsuccessfully?

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