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Then I asked them and I said, "Why? What are you crying for?" They said, "Just turn round and look into that stream", and I did. I said, "Why? What is this?", and they said, "These were our husbands. Their hands were amputated, but when their hands were amputated they said they should not drink the water because if one's hand is freshly amputated and you drink water you would die. They drank that water and that is why they fell into the water - into the stream - and they died". But I said I was going there and I went there to the stream and I knelt in it and I drank the water until I was full and I got up and went again up the hill and I continued my journey.

So after we went, together with that woman, we met a crossroad, one going to Lebanon and the other one going to Kensey, and so I went - I left to go to Lebanon and she went the other way to Kensey.

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