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We were going. For instance, from when I leave and go to that point, I feel dizziness and I will sit. I will be resting. Then he too will come. Mr Ibrahim Fofana, he will pass me by and go to a point and also sit down to wait and when I come to myself a little I will also get up and move and go past him. That was what we were doing but as we were going we met someone lying down. I thought it was Mr Brima and I lay down by him, not knowing that that person was a corpse. I was now crying when they were calling to prayers, the Adhan, and I was kicking him with my foot. I was telling him, look, let's go. Day is breaking. This is a place I don't know. I have never known this place. It is the war that brought me here. But he had been around that place so he knew that terrain but he wouldn't respond. Not knowing that in fact it was a corpse. Then I said, "I am going to bear it up and lie down and wait for you because you are the one who knows here" and I lay down by him. I thought he was sleeping.

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