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Well, the things that the juntas and the rebels did to my wife, and I was in pain, this man who conducted the interview with us at Connaught, if I had spoken to him about that woman that would have caused a serious psychological impact on me. I would have died even as a result. I am saying this again, because what they did to her I did not want to say anything about it. I did not want people to know about it even. You know, yesterday when I was talking and I got to that particular point in the testimony, if you could recall, if you had watched my countenance, my countenance changed. The way I felt was so bad. It was now that I am a little strong enough to say something about that. That is why I even said something about it, but at that time I could not. I was weak. I hadn't even sufficient blood in me, and if to be talking about the psychological impact would have killed me. It was after some counselors had counseled me that was why I was able to say something about it.

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