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I have told you that it was not Lieutenant Jalloh who abducted my sister. He of course attempted to abduct my sister. I wouldn't come here to defend this man. The man is not my relation. He is nobody to me for me to come here and start defending him. I have told you he was not the one who abducted my sister. It was Captain Bai Bureh who abducted my sister. Of course he attempted it, but he did not do it. And whether the writer has written this I did not say that he stayed with Lieutenant Jalloh for some time, or what, because I was not where they took her to. I am saying as a result of what I saw and what happened in my presence it was Captain Bai Bureh who abducted my sister, so I will not be here and then you persistently ask me the same question in different forms and I answer to them and then you ask the question again in different forms.

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