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Well, I don't know. How this person wrote this down I don't know, but now let me make the correction here. Let me tell you - let me not even say a correction. Let me tell you it was what happened to me and it was I that things happened to. I saw them and they happened to me. None of you was there. So if the writer has written something wrong, now let me tell you here that this particular paragraph that I am seeing I want to clarify things there. I had a quarrel with Lieutenant Jalloh because of my sister that he wanted to abduct. He even attempted to abduct her, but I had a quarrel with him and so he decided to forget about that. It was after three days that he later came with Captain Bai Bureh and that was the time Captain Bai Bureh abducted my sister. And the ten other girls were not captured in Wendadu. They brought them. They were already in the Land Rover. I did not know which villages they went to and captured those girls. It was not in Wendadu. In Wendadu it was only my sister - just my sister - that was captured there.

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