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Because if we go on with that same account that you are giving there, having said that it was Lieutenant Jalloh who was abducting your sister you then say.

"That day about 40 rebels came into Wendadu and abducted ten girls. The rebels stayed for about three hours and were drinking a lot."

You then go on to describe that. Then if we jump forward a little bit, four lines from the bottom of that paragraph:

"In front of me Lieutenant Jalloh saw my sister and said, 'We're going to take this girl. She's going to be my wife'. I tried to intervene by saying he should leave her, but he said, 'Hey, see my face. I am Lieutenant Jalloh. If you say let me not take your sister, I will kill you'. Then they put the ten girls into one Land Rover and drove off."

Then you go on to say your sister was with the rebels for four years. Help me, please. Why no mention of Bai Bureh in that paragraph?

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