The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

And just so you understand where I get that from, let's have a look, please, behind divider 1. The first page. If we look at the penultimate paragraph on that page:

"By March 1998 we, the civilians, were really fed up. The elders got in touch with the Kamajors who were in the surrounding bush and on behalf of all of us youths asked them to drive the rebels from Koidu Town, which the Kamajors did. The Kamajors held the town for about two weeks during which I saw them kill about 15 people they accused of being rebels. They cooked some of their victims in a big pot and ate them. I saw this. Sometimes they ate their livers raw. The Kamajors were very bad, just like the rebels. Every family had to pay the Kamajors money to pay for their food."

Is all of that true?

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