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Most of the juntas and the rebels returned. Then Staff Alhaji pointed at the other group and he called a boy who had a bag and he opened the bag and emptied the contents. There were knives in the bag and they fell off from the bag - fell out of the bag. Some of them took - these juntas, some of them took the knives each. The RUF fighters and the juntas they took the knives each, so the second group was taken at the back of the school, behind the school, and there they were slaughtered. Their throats were cut. Two of the men attempted escaping, so they were shot. That was on the field, because we saw it. They were attempting to escape and they were shot. But how I came to know that their throats were cut off, it was because after Staff Alhaji had cut off my hand I passed behind the school and I saw those people. Then I came to the conclusion, "Oh, that is the way they were killed."

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