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In one of the groups where the men were queued up, when Staff Alhaji came he was sitting on one of the roots of a big tree, near a UMC primary school. We were down the school. The school was in the upper part. He was sitting on the root of that big tree. He had a staff in his hand and he used it to point at the first group, and the juntas and the rebels took the people in that group to this Fullah man that he used to - you asked me about today if I have ever seen any amputee and I said "Yes". This Fullah man got his amputation through a vehicular accident in 1971 and he lived in Penduma. He had a house there. It was at his house that the juntas and the RUF took that first group that Staff Alhaji had pointed at. They took them into that house and we saw them set the house ablaze. We heard voices, people were crying and they were screaming, because the place was not that far from us. It was just within the same town and we could see.

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