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Then Junior slapped me. A native of Tombodu, fair in complexion, he slapped me. He said, "Don't you know that this man is our colonel and you are calling him Staff?" And I said, "I don't know, this man has been promoted", so I sat down again. And he spoke to his men, that is Staff Alhaji. He spoke to his men, that is the juntas and some of the RUF fighters, and some of the men I already knew. Two of the men I knew were born in Tombodu, even they hailed from Tombodu. In fact up to three of them, because Victor Teh was there.

And we were divided. The pregnant women and the children, that is including my own children, and the suckling mothers, were put on - at a particular place. Those who were not pregnant were separated from them, they were put at a separate place. And the men were in three rows. In my own row we were nine. The others I did not count.

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