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He was walking. He had his two daughters. All of them were crying, and I went to him and held him. He was very weak. I said I was going to accompany him. My children went to my wife. She was preparing some food for us where we were resting. So I accompanied Mohamed S Kamara from Penduma to Small Sefadu. That was just about a quarter of a mile, because the man was too weak so I held him. While we were going I was interviewing him. He told me that it was in Manikala village, which had just about two or three houses, that was where Staff Alhaji had amputated his hand. This Staff Alhaji Bayoh. That was where he amputated his hand. And I asked him where had they gone? And he said they had gone back to Tombodu, that is the juntas, Alhaji Bayoh's group. He said they had gone back to Tombodu.

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