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Yes. Those who - yes, those who said that they were going to register - to be registered by ECOMOG in Koidu Town - the civilians who had left us where we were resting, because we got there early in the morning after a four day walk, so they went to be registered by the ECOMOG, the civilians. They left us there. We stayed there. But after one hour or so they returned, running, and we saw that man. He was shot on his shoulder and blood was oozing from it. And when they came they said it was not the ECOMOG who were in Koidu Town, it was the juntas and the rebels. So that was why we left Wendadu again and went to Penduma. That was the way leading to Kokuima and we reached in Penduma. That was where we rested, under a mango tree, my children and I. We met some other civilians who had gone there who were resting there. They were many as well.

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