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At that time, because the village is a big village, some of the houses we already saw had been burnt down and there were rotting corpses. We saw their skeletons. We went to the chief's house. That was not burnt down. That was where we sat and for us to have some rest, because we arrived there early in the morning. While having our rest some people said they wanted to go so all of us should go to Koidu Town because they said they were going to register their presence with ECOMOG because ECOMOG was registering people so you should register yourself and your family members with the ECOMOG. And my wife told me that we should go, but I said no, we should not go. I said they should go and we should have some rest, because we had walked for four days, and even if we had to go we were not going to use that particular route, we were going to use another at route. And so the people went. After one hour or so was when we saw some of the civilians who had gone to Koidu Town, who had said they were going to Koidu Town to register who had left us in Wendadu, they were coming and were running while coming, and they held a man who was shot on his shoulder, and his shoulder was bleeding and they were the ones who told us that it was not ECOMOG who were there, it was the juntas and the rebels who were still in the town - in Koidu Town. And at that time we did not even know that the ECOMOG did not reach Koidu Town itself. The reporter had given false information. It was in Kokuima. It was only Kokuima village that the ECOMOG had stopped. They could not flush out the rebels from Koidu Town. So that frightened us and we took our loads back. You know, that area is a mining area. I knew the terrain, I understand the area. So I led the group. This time I led the civilian group this time right up to the time we arrived in Penduma and from Wendadu to Penduma is about four miles. And we walked - we were really afraid. We walked quietly to Penduma village and in that Penduma village was where I got my problem.

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