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Well, my reason at that time why I favoured the election before peace was because the war was diversified in certain perspective that when it was reaching in Freetown and the people were even debating about peace before election, election before peace, they say we thought it fit that let us have this election then we continue with the peace process. Because even at the time when the government were trying to cease fire to see that peace occur, things were going in a war situation, and they were just imposing on certain inflation on us especially during the junta time, the nine months when Freetown, we know the kind of suffering some of us undergo even when during the time of the August situation. So we thought it fit that let us have the election. That is my own perspective that we have the election, then we continue with the peace process so that the government who will be in charge will work it amicable so that peace will flow forever. That is my own perception about the statement.

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