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The nuanced difference would be - and I appreciate your Honour's point and I see where the issue lies - I am looking at the issue as being one and the same in sum and substance because we have two witnesses, both of whom appeared previously before your Honours and in respect of which findings were made. Your Honours are making the nuanced distinction that because of the change in circumstances there are different circumstances and I certainly appreciate that it is certainly within your prerogative to make that determination, and I can easily modify my arguments to suit this nuanced distinction you are making.

Should that be the case, and as it is the case that your Honours find that this is a different circumstance, I would initially ask for permission to speak with my client for a brief moment to see if we wish to make a renewed application. I personally do not wish to make one at this point. I was operating under the assumption that it was necessary for me, as counsel, to reiterate a previous application given the passage of time. But if you allow me leave to consult with Mr Taylor and I would see if he wishes for me to make that application.

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