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Your Honour, I would propose this: In essence, the import of what I'm saying would amount to a, in some jurisdictions, what you would call a motion for reconsideration, because I have read the part of the transcript where on 14 January I said we wished to make a recurring objection, and that is given, if I can find the relevant page, I think that was given on page 1215 of the transcript of 14 January, and I have read it previously. I have said we would make a recurring application. And given the passage of time I am merely reiterating that point, that in respect of all of these witnesses we have a recurring application.

To the extent your Honours wish to treat it as a motion for reconsideration, or an application for a reconsideration given the change in circumstances in respect of this particular witness, we would of course welcome it. But I merely rose to point out --

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