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Before you do, Mr Anyah, perhaps you could incorporate an answer to my question in your reply and it may just save a bit of time if I voice it now.

I'm still not clear whether you're objecting to this tribunal hearing this witness on the grounds that we are biased. Are we facing a motion to disqualify ourselves that we should hand down a decision on or are you merely making some comment on our last finding? And the reason there remains some doubt in my mind is that a few moments ago you said these words, "I will just point out what is the primary basis for our objection" and then later on you say, "so I just reiterate our objection." So on the one hand it's not sounding as though you do have any objection to this next witness coming on and giving evidence, on the other hand you're saying we shouldn't be hearing it, you object to us hearing it. So perhaps when you answer my colleague Justice Sebutinde you could make that clear, please, just what are we facing, from your submissions?

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