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Thank you, Madam President. I am not at this time making a new application for disqualification. I am merely perfecting the record as counsel is obligated to do. We made an objection in a trial that has lasted now 10 months. We made the objection on 14 January. That objection was ruled on. Similar facts and circumstances have arisen. We do feel that there are factual differences and procedural differences between the two but in sum and substance they implicate the same primary issue, so we just need to make clear that despite the slight change in circumstances, for example this witness was not cross-examined during the AFRC trial, as properly pointed out by learned counsel opposite, we still maintain the same position in respect of this witness as we do with any other witness that comes before your Honours where there has been an express finding of credibility in the AFRC trial.

I will just point out what is the primary basis for our objection which is: In this particular case the evidence is identical. It is the same. So the accused might be different, but the import of this witness's testimony, if I were to ask only one question on cross-examination, that entire transcript has been, in our view, found credible by your Honours and that's what they are seeking to have admitted.

So I just reiterate our objection and I don't in any way wish to suggest that your Honours are in any way predisposed against us vis-a-vis the questions we may ask on cross-examination and how you would consider those questions and the responses given.

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