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I would just like to remind the Court that they know everything that I have come here to do and we know the problems that we've gone through, and if somebody has gone through such a thing and you come to an open place like this to talk, I would like the Court to protect me and my family because if anything happens to me that would endanger my life and my family's that would be the responsibility of the Court, because I have come here and staked a lot to the public, but whatever would be the consequence I would like the Court to know that they would be responsible because I wouldn't want to suffer twice.

So I thank you very much, the judges, the lawyers and the man and even my own lawyer, I would like to thank everybody and I also want to tell the Court that all of us who have been amputated, we are no longer useful in life. It's only God who is protecting us. We've lost a lot of things and I would like to appeal to the Court to tell us how they should guide us, the country, that such a thing will not be repeated in the country any more.

Now I am talking on behalf of the others who were also amputated and going over those terrific experiences, it's not anything anybody would want to do. You know, we know what we went through, how horrible they were, and coming back to say - repeat them to relive those things is not anything simple. So now I am asking that my family and my family's security and I are in your hands. I thank you very much. That is all that I have to tell you. Thank you very much.

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