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Your Honour, these two pages are cover sheets actually containing personal information about the witness and they go much more detailed than what has come out in evidence from the witness's own mouth, and the Prosecution's view is that these details would have the effect of revealing a lot more about the witness. Granted that the witness is testifying openly and did make that choice but, your Honour, the information we have on those pages go far more than what normally would be adduced in court for a witness testifying openly.

If your Honours wish, I can just point out some of the facts contained there which we think go too deeply into the witness's background; father's name, mother's name, current address. Address at the time of the conflict, we have that in open evidence, granted. I believe those are - they go much more deeply than normally what would be adduced in court in respect of witnesses who are testifying openly.

Your Honours, we do not think that asking that this piece of information be kept confidentially is inconsistent with the fact that he has given the Court some personal details openly.

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