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Mr Bah, we have an account here that's been written down by Prosecution investigators who took your story in May of this year, and indeed it was read back to you and you put your initials at the bottom of each page. What I want to try and do is to find out what this particular passage that we're now looking at relates to. In this statement you describe seeing two people, sorry, not two people, just people believed to be Liberians patrolling along New Road, Kissy, and conversing amongst themselves. You then go on to describe your experience - sorry, the languages you can speak and your experience of hearing Liberian refugees in Freetown before the war entered Freetown speaking to themselves, and you say their language is similar to broken English. The passage I'm now dealing with immediately follows that and it says:

"The Liberians witness heard speaking were strangers not known to him. Witness states they were not speaking to him directly but heard the accent. They were about 20 yards off from him. There were no other noises except the voices which witness heard. Witness has no other information besides the way they talk because they too are Africans."

Now, in those sentences there are you describing the people in the jeep on New Road, Kissy?

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