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Well, let us look then at the account that they have recorded and that you have put your signature, you initials to at the bottom of each page. Now, I'm going to read out the paragraph in your statement of 23 May this year where you come up with this account, what I suggest for the first time ever, and you just tell me if this is what you think you told the Prosecutors in May of this year:

"Witness states the only language heard being" - I will just make sure I'm reading exactly what was written down. Yes.

"Witness states the only language heard being spoken by the perpetrators was Krio language. Although heard some also speaking Temne, Mende, Loko which are mainly Sierra Leone native languages. Witness states that before he encountered Akim's group who amputated his hand he had earlier seen an off-white open jeep on board which were people believed to be Liberians patrolling along New Road, Kissy."

Did you tell the Prosecutors that the vehicle was parked by the garage or did you tell them that it was patrolling along New Road, Kissy?

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