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Now, Mr Bah, I'm going to read it out and bear in mind again, please, that if I read out anything that's wrong from any of these documents somebody in court will correct me. This is a document from this Court and it's a document that's title is "Interview notes". You are the person being interviewed, the date is 31 March 2004, the location of the interview was at the Special Court in Freetown and the language used was English and the person who conducted the exercise with you was counsel Paul Flynn. That's to say a gentleman who was a lawyer with the Prosecution. And what it says here is:

"The witness confirmed his previous statement" - that is to say the account you gave in February 2003 - "and did not wish to make any alterations or alterations" - again another typographical error that presumably means additions - "apart from pointing out that he found his wife alive."

In other words, on 31 March 2004, a lawyer from the Prosecution took you through your original account and you made one alteration to it. Now, you didn't say to him then, "They've missed out the fact that I heard some of these rebels in a white jeep speaking in the Liberian language." Do you agree?

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