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Let us look at what you told the RUF Trial Chamber regarding the death of your husband. Madam Court Officer, if you could please go to tab number 3, page 9. Madam Witness, there was a stenographer, someone who took down a record of what you said, before the Trial Chamber on 22 July 2004 concerning the manner in which your husband died. At line 15, page 9 - we have numbered the pages at the bottom right-hand corner. For counsel's benefit it will be page 49 of the RUF transcript and the page numbers for the transcripts are at the bottom of the page. And for your Honours it would be page 9 as numbered on the bottom right-hand corner of our bundle or set of documents.

At line 15 a question was posed to you, Madam Witness. A lawyer asked you then: "Madam Witness, you said you were all alone. What had happened to your husband?" Here is the answer you gave. Your answer was as follows:

"A. My husband, I have told you, was lined up and that he

was shot in the head. They killed him in my presence. So

my husband was lying there with blood all over his body.

He was killed there. I never saw him again. I am going

now with my pains. It was only when I was at the Connaught

Hospital I was told that my husband had been killed.

Q. Madam Witness, who shot your husband in the head?

A. It was the rebels."

Madam Witness, you told the Trial Chamber - the RUF Trial Chamber - your husband was shot in the head. Do you recall saying that, Madam Witness? Yes?

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