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Right. Where we are going to start, Madam Witness, is behind divider 1. This is a record - and can we have the first page, please. This is a record made by an investigator of what you are supposed to have said to them in October 2003. Let us just go through it slowly, shall we? You will see the date 29 October 2003 and then we see this:

"I was captured in 1994 at Masingbi. It was in April. And it was the RUF under the command of one CO Blood. I do not know his real name. He was a Sierra Leonean. I was taken to Buedu together with other people captured at Masingbi and other areas. I was just 11 years old. On the night I was captured, I was raped by my four capturers."

How many men did you tell me this morning had raped you that first night?

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