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Well, when they went to Port Loko, because I went to Port Loko first, we heard an information that there was a place where they were doing skills training, so I decided - because there was no skills training institution at Makeni, so I went to Port Loko to do it. So if they had it in Makeni later I would come to Makeni, or if I did it at Port Loko and got my certificate I will still come to Makeni and work there. So at Port Loko the centre was specifically for ex-child combatants, ex-child combatants and child combatants. So some day these people went and they met the woman who was coordinating the programme and she took them to walk about unit by unit. There was tailoring, gara tie-dye, metal works, cloth weaving, carving and carpentry. I was in the metal works department. So the woman went and met me and said she wanted to talk to me and I said, why, what was wrong. And she said she wanted me to go and tell her my story, what had happened to me during the war. And I said, "No, at this time I'm not in place to be thinking about what has happened already. That is passed. If it is passed and gone, it is passed and gone. Don't let me to reflect and think about bad things again." But the woman who was coordinating the programme spoke to me and said, "Well, if this is passed and gone, maybe if you say it again that will give you peace of mind" and being that she was our overall boss I accepted and I went and spoke to the people and I gave them my story.

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