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Well, it has affected my life so greatly, because I was captured when I was very young, and I was forced to have sex with a man when I was not mature enough. That is the first thing even that is affecting me so badly. I don't even know how to say it. I don't know. I'm confused. You know even now as I'm here, even when I'm with the man I can hardly by satisfied. When we were in the bush I had no freedom; whatever you wanted to do as I child you had no freedom of movement. You had no freedom as a young girl. You had to take orders from somebody. If not that would not be good for you. And even the women, that was not easy for them. Being in the bush it was very difficult, because you cannot live on your own. If you were not with a husband that would be a problem for you. They would just use you - misuse you and then they would dump you. Any one of them could just come and do whatever he wanted to do you.

Even to the older ones. Old people - you know, normally old people were supposed to rest but then they used the old people to work for them. They were young and they did not work. They used older people to work for them. I just don't even know what to say. Life was not easy for me, you know, it was stressful. I am still stressed. It was not easy for me.

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