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Those of us who sustained these injuries, those of us who were amputated, we are please appealing to you to sympathise with us. And, you know, it is your arms and your legs that enable you to fend food, but wherever we are, please, we want to ask you kindly to help us so that our children would go to school, because really we are suffering. We are just beggars. You have to beg first before you can eat. How long would you go on begging to develop your family? Please, whatever power you have to talk to people, to help us, those who are able to work so that they can employ us and be paid to be able to feed your family.

I am saying this because in Sierra Leone when you go to Sierra Leone there are people there going all over the streets with the same condition and we did not ask for this. We are please pleading with the Court. Just like you've brought the Court into existence, please we are begging you to do something for us so that those of us who've come here to testify to provide security for us, because we explained - these things that we explained about people, some of them are not alive, but please we are appealing to you to do something for us just so that our children too could be educated. This is what I have to say to you.

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