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Most of them didn't take his advice.


Q. Now, my last question to you was that you were present

on at least one occasion when Sylvester Kaieh gave an

instruction to a rebel.

A. Yes.

Q. How would the rebels react in front of Sylvester


A. I advised them on the spot. Sooner they leave they

go and do other things that would be worse than what they

have done before.

Q. That may have been my fault. You are present.

Sylvester Kaieh gives an instruction to a rebel not the

treat the civilians like animals. Does the rebel respond

verbally to Sylvester Kaieh?

A. Before him they would say okay, they would refrain, but

as soon as he left they did all of the worst things not

expected of them."

Mr Witness, do you recall saying that in the RUF trial?

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