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Now, if we look at your evidence in the RUF trial - and I will be referring to the transcript in open session of 17 January 2005 and, for my learned friend's benefit, the exchange on that portion started on page 46 when there was a line of questioning regarding Sylvester Kaieh, but I will be referring to page 48, starting lines 20, up to page 49, line 24. Mr Witness, I am going to read to you an exchange between what was at the time the Defence counsel for Augustine Gbao, his name was Andreas O'Shea, and yourself. So the Defence counsel for Augustine Gbao asked you:

"Q. Witness, try if you can to remember any specific

examples of this sympathetic attitude that you have spoken


A. Well, when we returned he was introduced to us as the

G5" - and it is clear from the context that you are

talking about Sylvester Kaieh - "and any time we had

problem with the rebels we went to him. He called them and

advised them that we were people that they should have

sympathy for, they should not treat us as if we were

animals, and he did amicably resolve most of the conflict

that we had with them. That was good on his side.

Q. Did the rebels listen to him?

A. Most of them couldn't take his advice.

Q. Were you ever present when Sylvester Kaieh gave an

instruction to a rebel?

A. Yes.

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