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Thank you, Mr Witness. Now, Mr Witness, this morning Defence counsel asked you a question about Sylvester Kaieh and he asked you - I am referring to LiveNote page 44, line 18, to page 45, line 5. Defence counsel asked you:

"Q. Well, you have never suggested that before,

Mr Charles. Do you agree that you have never said before

that nobody heeded what he" - and he was referring to

Sylvester Kaieh - "told them?

A. I said - I said those who were there initially were

listening to him, but the others who came thereafter, the

rebels who were coming never listened to him.

Q. You have never said that before, have you?

A. But what I said that Sylvester was a go-between between

us and the rebels who were there. I said he used to talk

for us. I said that .

Q. And now you are trying to dilute what you have

previously said about Sylvester's ability to sort out

problems between civilians and the rebels, aren't you?"

Do you remember that exchange this morning, Mr Witness?

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